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Just Because...

Just Because...

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Book 1 of 3 in the Ms. Freckle School Story Collection Series


In "Just Because..." by C.M. Harris, Ms. Freckle, the coolest teacher in town, has a secret she's worried her students might discover. When a surprise "QUACK!" slips out during class, everyone's shocked! But instead of giggles, her students respond with kindness and courage. They share their own "Just Because" moments, like Lily reminding us that girls can be strong and Sammy proving that size doesn't matter in sports. With each brave confession, the classroom becomes a place of acceptance and celebration of what makes each of them unique. In the end, Ms. Freckle learns that it's okay to be herself, quirks and all, and her students realize that being different is what makes them awesome!

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    Ms. Freckle has a secret she's worried that her students will laugh at, but the students try to show her there's nothing to fear - or is there?

    What could her secret be?

    We all have differences, but once you step into the class of Ms. Freckle - the nicest teacher of them all, there's no need to worry! Just Because... is a feel-good story about accepting who we are and finding the courage to be who we are despite what others may think. Viewed from the

    This book is available in paperback format

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