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Introducing 'What If We Were All Friends!': Celebrating Diversity and Disability Inclusion in Children's Literature by C.M. Harris

In today's ever-evolving world, the importance of diversity and disability inclusion cannot be overstated. Children, as the future custodians of our society, need to understand and appreciate the beauty of our differences. This is the foundation upon which C.M. Harris built her celebrated children's book series, beginning with the popular "What If We Were All The Same!" and now continuing with an eagerly anticipated sequel, "What If We Were All Friends!"

Diversity in children's literature is essential because it gives young readers a mirror to see themselves and a window to understand others. When children see characters who look, think, and live differently than they do, it fosters empathy and acceptance. Harris's books play a pivotal role by creating stories where characters of all backgrounds and abilities are celebrated for their uniqueness.

Introducing "What If We Were All Friends!"

In "What If We Were All Friends!", Harris continues to explore themes of diversity and inclusion, emphasizing the power of friendship across different backgrounds. The book showcases how friendships can flourish when we embrace each other's differences, teaching children that our unique traits make us better together. This sequel not only builds on the success of the first book but also deepens the conversation around acceptance and mutual respect.

The What If Series: A New Journey

Harris is thrilled to announce that these books are just the beginning. The new series, "The What If Series," will further explore important social themes. With upcoming titles like "What If We Were All Kind!" this series promises to be a valuable resource for parents and educators aiming to instill positive values in young minds.

Diversity and Disability Inclusion: A Personal Perspective

Harris's commitment to these themes is deeply personal. As a wheelchair user for the past 12 years, Harris brings an authentic perspective to the portrayal of disability in their books. This lived experience enriches the narratives, offering genuine insights into the lives of characters with disabilities. By doing so, Harris not only tells compelling stories but also breaks down stereotypes and challenges societal norms about disability.

Why It Matters

Books like those in "The What If Series" are crucial because they start conversations that lead to understanding and change. They remind us that every child, regardless of their abilities or background, deserves to see themselves as a hero in a story. By fostering an inclusive mindset from an early age, we can nurture a generation that values and respects diversity in all its forms.

C.M. Harris's work underscores the power of children's literature to shape minds and hearts. Through engaging narratives and relatable characters, the "What If Series" encourages young readers to imagine a world where everyone is valued for who they are. As we turn the pages of these delightful books, we are

reminded that our differences are not barriers but bridges that connect us all.


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