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Author, C.M. Harris

An independent author writing children’s picture books to motivate and inspire every child. Every book has a special message and a lesson to ponder.

Living in Southern California, Charity is an award-winning author, and founder of Purple Diamond Press, Inc. Charity loves traveling to schools for author visits, spreading the importance of friendship, acceptance, and disability awareness.

Author ● Business Owner ● Motivational Speaker ● Disability Advocate


What If We Were All The Same! Read by Arik Armstead to Oakland Classroom

CBeebies BBC

What If We Were All The Same! October 14, 2020

Princeton Alum   Recommends Book

Princeton Alum 

Recommends Book

Princeton Alum gives beautiful recommendation for What If We Were All The Same!

ABC7LA News Interview

ABC7LA News Interview

with Rachel Brown

Focusing on What If We Were All The Same! and Employement Inclusion

Read For Justice

with 49ers

san francisco 49ers

Featured on BBC CBeebies “Lunchtime Stories”

diverse childrens book with children on the cover. Hardcover allthsamebook

The Best-Seller

What If We Were All The Same! is a children’s book that embraces the beautiful differences we all have in relation to height, hair type, abilities, and much more.

Focuses on the beauty of friendship and the acceptance of others.

Friendship books for children, to prevent bullying one story at a time.


8 Books

in 3 Years!

Motivated to
Make a Difference

What Readers' Are Saying

This book is a perfect way to introduce diversity to small children. It is so well written and you can tell that the author is writing from experience. She shares her personal story at the back of the book. My favorite part of the book in what I have written in the headline. It really gives you a new way to think about how important it is to have “different” in our lives.

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Order any of my 8 available books in bulk! Perfect for schools and organizations. The books make wonderful gifts and discounts are available. Order today! 

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