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Why Readers Love My Bestseller

"This book is a perfect way to introduce diversity to small children. It is so well written and you can tell that the author is writing from experience"

"Absolutely love the book. As a Childcare Professional I strive to present a multicultural, inclusive environment, so that each child can see a representative of themselves in media and print, so they can embrace their individuality and differences."

"Great illustrations and wonderfully written story about embracing differences. Shows children that not to judge a book by its cover and that there is more that meets the eye. A great book to help children to unlearn the stereotypes and be more open-minded about others, especially those with disabilities."

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"I highly recommend this easy to read story for all children. As an educator and coach, this story supports the message we want children to hear – Everyone is unique and deserves love and respect...You are appreciated and valued!"

"It’s no surprise this book has won awards. It’s a great message about the value of our differences. It mentions various ways we all differ from each other. It ends with a reminder that none of us should feel sad about the ways we’re different from others. The artwork is high-quality."

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Notable Recognitions

What If We Were All The Same! Read by Arik Armstead to Oakland Classroom

CBeebies BBC

What If We Were All The Same! October 14, 2020

Princeton Alum   Recommends Book

Princeton Alum 

Recommends Book

Princeton Alum gives beautiful recommendation for What If We Were All The Same!

ABC7LA News Interview

ABC7LA News Interview

with Rachel Brown

Focusing on What If We Were All The Same! and Employement Inclusion

Read For Justice

with 49ers

san francisco 49ers

Featured on BBC CBeebies “Lunchtime Stories”

Author Visits

C.M. Harris loves reading to the children and sharing the importance of friendship & kindness. We visit schools, libraries, churches, and others. Reading to the children is always a pleasure!

CM Harris author visit

About The Author

C.M. Harris

Author ● Business Owner ● Motivational Speaker ● Disability Advocate

An independent author writing children’s picture books to motivate and inspire every child. Every book has a special message and a lesson to ponder.

Living in Southern California, Charity is an award-winning author, and founder of Purple Diamond Press, Inc. Charity loves traveling to schools for author visits, spreading the importance of friendship, acceptance, and disability awareness. In 2019, she founded her children's book publishing company, Purple Diamond Press, Inc. We publish picture books that make a difference.

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