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C.M. Harris is a children's author writing picture books to motivate and inspire every child. Every book has a special message and a lesson to ponder.

Books by C.M. Harris

Our differences are beautiful and should be embraced... A fun book full of rhyme and colorful illustrations parents and teachers love.

Fun Series Embracing "Self".

Topics include acceptance, care, forgiveness, kindness, and much more

CMHarris-The Lonely Zebra-Cover.jpg
No Bullies Here! Standing Up To Use Our Voices To Help Others!

Beautifully illustrated and cute story about friendship & forgiveness.

You Don't Need To Have Much
To Help Others


Mommy & me story teaching need-vs-want. Wonderful story about helping those who are less fortunate. 

APIMP BookCover2.jpg
A Dog With A Job!
DWAJ CoverFiinal-02.png

Incredible story of resilience and tenacity!


A fictional story based on the real service dog, Gareth. Showing real jobs that dogs can have and how we don't give up when things are tough!

Fun. Cute. Educational.

with every purchase $1 will be donated to Canine Companions 501c

Let's Color Positivity!
Yes You Can!

Beautifully illustrated story about setting goals and working hard for those dreams to come true. Teaches philanthropy and entrepreneurship.

Full of fun and lots and lots of positivity! Great affirmations to build up kids. Coloring, writing, puzzles, and more

**we do not own the rights to the music
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A Good Friend To Be Kept
Blessings All Around

A story of a beautiful friendship between two best friends. When we feel unseen by others we can rely on our friends to be there and help us be included.

There are blessings all around us and we can find the beauty in simple ways. The air in the sky, the cars on the street, the food in our stomachs, and much more... God has given us many many gifts to be thankful for.

... more books

The Happy Readers

Seen Bookcover-Web.jpg

On To The Next...

As a children's book author, there's always another story to be told. C.M. Harris loves writing stories that will positively impact the reader. Whether an adult or child is reading, there will be a wonderful message to walk away with and to be read again and again.


C.M. Harris is always writing and working on her next story. Her next book will be released...

August 13, 2024

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