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Services by Charity

How can I be of help to you? With my years of experience as an independently published author, I can assist you and take on the tedious steps. I have published many books, including my best-seller, which sold over 15,000 copies in the first year, and publish children's books for other authors. I would be more than happy to help you too.


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Copyright Registration

Not a requirement, but it gives you peace of mind to have. I will help you register your work error-free. Allow me to fill out all the necessary forms for you, and you will have your certificate with no delays and in no time. 

Author Beginnings

Are you brand new and not sure where to start? Your book is published, and now what? Allow me to design an author one-pager, or sell-sheet for you to get you started on your marketing journey. Everything you need to share about your book with libraries, bookshops, etc., will be easily accessible for you to share. 

Book Formatting & Layout

Do you need help formatting your book pages and illustrations correctly without trouble? I can assist you with your text and illustration formatting so your files are received correctly and ready for uploading and publication. Children's books only.

Library LCCN Registration

Let me assist you in registering your upcoming work in the Library of Congress catalog. Your book will easily be discovered and available to libraries. *Unpublished books only.

School Visit Book Order Form

Do you have an upcoming author visit and not sure how to get orders? Whether you need pre-orders or are bringing forms with you, I will create and design a simple & aesthetically appealing form for you.

E-book Conversion

Kindle and E-books are a popular and easy way to get your story into readers’ hands quickly. Let me help you bypass all the technical hurdles and help you easily convert your files for Amazon Kindle and other digital services. 

Business Start-up

Are you self-publishing and need help starting your publication company? Whether you have one book or ten, I will help you get started. Let me assist you with your EIN and LLC registration in no time. Your business name will be registered for you to use for your ISBNs. 

30-minute Zoom Call

Call me via Zoom and ask whatever you would like in 30 minutes. Questions about book publishing, marketing, Amazon FBA, social media marketing, networking, and other book or business-related questions are welcome. 

Ingram Book Upload

My favorite platform to use and I will quickly upload your files for personal or global distribution. Let me handle filling out your forms with the correct information and keywords, giving your book a successful launch and an easy book publishing experience. 

School Visit Email Template

Is your book getting attention and enjoyed by little bookworms? Are you ready to share your book with schools? I will help you draft an email to send to schools that will help you get your foot in the door and reading your story to students.

Website Landing Page

Every author needs a website. I will design your site with a theme to match who you are as an author, highlighting your book and giving you a winning start to discovery. Share your site with new readers!

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